Friday, June 4, 2010

Catholicism is About Truth

Catholicism isn't about feelings - it's about truth. Objective truth. That doesn't mean that feelings are extraneous; simply that the faith isn't based on feelings. Emotions are fleeting, truth isn't.

I see a lot of people hop from denomination to denomination, church to church, looking for "better music", "better preaching", etc.--whatever will make them "feel good," as if God is found in external, subjective things. Heck, people look for a religion that will fit their lifestyle and their opinions, instead of seeking the truth and changing themselves to adapt to IT. Nowadays, if the average person doesn't "feel" God, they assume that God doesn't exist, or that God isn't in that particular church building, or that something outside of oneself isn't quite right. 

There are some people who think the reverse: if you aren't suffering, you aren't "with" God, and if you're feelin' great, that feeling is from the devil. Truth becomes a factor of feelings, and that logic is just as flawed.

I find a lot more credibility in sticking to a set of beliefs because one believes them to be the truth rather than because they make one feel a certain way. If the God we believe to be eternal and unchanging is, in fact, eternal and unchanging, then faith shouldn't be a factor of feel-good experiences (or feel-bad experiences, for that matter). Faith that is based in truth should remain unchanging whether we feel great or not, and whether we "feel" God or not. If someone's faith doesn't pass that test, then there's something about it that isn't based in truth, and it's time to continue seeking.

Longing for God,

The Catholic Wife

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  1. It breaks my heart to see people church-hopping! I really pray that God would open their eyes and hearts to the Truth! Good post! :)